Lockdown stops play for now, but I hope to be back on the 12th April 2021 if Boris doesn’t change his mind! Testing is due to start on the 22nd April.

We need to work together to maximise our safety on driving lessons, so I will make a list below of some of the things I will be doing , and some of the things I expect you to do.

Despite everything we will be sat next to each other less than 1m away, so there will always be a risk however small of passing on the virus. If you agree to have lessons then it is on the understanding that you accept that risk.

Clients who live with family or in a “bubble” with others who are shielding or who are particularly vulnerable, should think particularly carefully about whether they should be taking lessons for this reason.

We finally have guidance on how to do lessons, better late than never! ……   If you are more comfortable wearing gloves and/or mask then I will too, I shall have some in the car mainly for my use but emergency ones for clients if you forget your own.  If you think ease of communication is more important (as I do) then I think it is not essential for either of us.  

All the car controls and handles will be disinfected before every lesson. 

I will keep a window open for fresh air so dress appropriately. 

Please wash your hands before and after every lesson. Hand gel is in the car too. 

And let me know in advance if you have the the early symptoms (in the last 7 days) or have been in recent contact with anyone who has covid19 (in last 14 days).  There will be no cancellation fees for anyone who cancels for this reason if they give me as much notice as they can.

Please bring the right money and drop it into a bag I have for the purpose, or bank transfer.