Last Updated: Wednesday 23 May, 2018


Advanced and Defensive Driving

Why should I undertake and advanced or defensive driving course?.... Quite simple - we can all learn more and improve our skills. Driving is something we take for granted and usually, nothing goes wrong. When it does though, we need to be in a position to give ourselves the best chance to deal with it. That is what our training is about - giving you time and space to react.

For most of us driving is the single most risky thing we ever do with our lives. We owe it to ourselves and those around us to do it to the best of our ability.

Half or One-day Assessment and Corrective Training: This half or one day module focuses on assessing your current skills and identifying your strengths and any areas which need addressing. In addition we will work on your observation and car control skills in order to make your driving smoother and safer. This course is ideal for:

* Fleet training

* Nervous drivers

* Those coming to terms with driving following an accident or near miss

* Those who are not sure whether they need further training or not - this course gives a taste of our other training and all other training can be carried on from it.

Training is available for individuals groups and organisations. We can use your vehicles or ours.

Two and Three day Courses are available to follow on and provide a more in-depth and systematic approach to driving, use of the full variety of road types, the delivering a Commentry Drive as an aid to self-improvement. Most clients would be able then to take amd pass (if thsy wish) an Advanced Test with the IAM or RoSPA.

Refresher and Remedial Courses may also be arranged, and tailored to suit individual requirements.

"Enjoy learning to drive, and make quick safe progress towards your goals

with top professional tuition, from Pete Cowan at A1 Driver Training"

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