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Pass Plus

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a training course specifically aimed at new drivers, designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry. Pass Plus will build upon your existing skills and knowledge, it will teach you how to anticipate, plan for and deal with all kinds of hazards, and can help you to become more confident on the roads Pass Plus is made up of six practical modules which include:

o Driving in town

o Driving in all weathers

o Driving on rural roads

o Driving at night

o Driving on dual carriageways

o Driving on motorways


Why do it?

Safety: New drivers' lack of experience makes them around 5 times more at risk of being involved in an incident in their first year of driving. PassPlus greatly accellerates the gaining of that experience, especialy in areas which may not have been covered in a typical L-Driving course.



Cheaper Insurance: Most major insurers recognise the value of PassPlus and so will discount heavily for it. Often the saving will exceed the cost of training.



Cost: We charge £140 for a 6 hour practical course (the minimum duration allowed for certification). But chat to the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership who sometimes run a heavily subsidised course for around £40 or less....mention you were sent to them by Pete and they will arrange for the practical drive to be with done with us! The Partnership Course includes a morning's classroom workshop in addition to the 6 hours driving.


"Enjoy learning to drive, and make quick safe progress towards your goals

with top professional tuition, from Pete Cowan at A1 Driver Training"

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