Just got your provisional licence?

Learn with Pete Cowan and get one of the best qualified instructors in the County with a great pass rate to turn you into a safe confident driver for life. His hourly rate may not be the cheapest in town, but if his efficient and effective training enables you to pass 1st time with the minimum number of friendly enjoyable lessons, your overall cost may well be substantialy less than those employing instructors from the ‘bargain basement’ as well as being far quicker.

Pete loves driving and training, and his enthusiasm means you will enjoy the course, enjoy your driving, and end up as a safe and confident driver.


The majority of our clients have had no previous experience when we first meet them.

Pete is great with nervous clients, so booking your first lesson shouldn’t worry you. On a novice’s 1st lesson the controls of the car are fully explaned before we move, and we begin with a very slow drive while starts and stops are perfected before moving on to gear changes and faster work.

All clients have a tailored course in which progress is made at the rate which suits you best………… ‘high-flyers’ will be amazed at how quickly they move up to test-standard, and more nervous clients will find their confidence quickly improving as they achieve success in a systematic succession of steps.


We are happy to complete the training of part-trained clients, and to work with fully trained clients from other driving schools who have had problems with passing their Test for any reason.