The hazard perception test comprises of 14 video clips of 1 minute each. Each shows a “Developing Hazard” appear, your job is to demonstrate how quickly you can spot it by clicking on a (mouse) button as soon as you see it. Within reason a number of unnecessary clicks are acceptable as long as you get the hazard eventualy. One clip has 2 hazards on it, to keep you on your toes after you have already dealt with one. It is scored out of 75 (15 hazards x 5 points max each), 5 points each are awarded for being quick to click, and the pass mark is 43.

Though the best place to learn Hazard Perception is on the road, (and we will concentrate on that particularly on the lessons prior to your HP Test), we are pleased to announce that we have now teamed up with Theory Test Pro to enable all of our clients to practise every aspect of their upcoming Car Theory Test Online – Including interactive HP Test videos, with onscreen guidance! If you require a FREE login for unlimited access, and personalised performance feedback from myself, then e-mail me, then after you have received your password…

click here to login and take your mock test!

After the HPT you take the Theory Test, you will have to pass both on the same day or else take them both again. 50 multiple choice questions, and the pass mark is 43 (i.e. 86%). So you will need to know ‘your stuff’, but we will help you a lot during your lessons, and almost all the rest is in the Highway Code. To check your readiness you can buy a full set of questions in book form or as a CD ROM. We will cover all this on your 1st lesson or two so you can get studying. If book-learning is not ‘your thing’ don’t worry, we will do a mini-theory course to get you through.

Translated tests are available for anyone whose English is too good yet, and headphones are available for dyslexic candidates to hear the questions (and answer choices) being read out.

Where to go…

DSA Theory Test Centre
Queensgate House
(1st Floor)
Silver Street

Book your theory test online or call: (01234) 567890